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Evolution of Content and Titles
As mentioned in the origin story on the home page, the original title was "My Child's First Reading Book" (MCFRB) - because it really was my child's first reading book. However, my mom - contributing author Rita - saw that it worked for more than just her granddaughter, when she started selling it at her preschool. So, she suggested a title change. That's when "First Reading Book" (FRB) aka "Student's First Reading Book" took hold. After some time, we realized we could give students more help on the reading pages, by hyphenating the 3-letter words in addition to the whole word. That's when "The Phonics Reading Book" (TPRB) was born. Note: we still maintain MCFRB and FRB as "whole language" reading pages. Finally, when Nick started working with his church's pre-Kindergarten program, he decided to develop instruction to include the alphabet, which is a pre-requisite of MCFRB, FRB & TPRB. Hence, "The Alphabet Book" (TAB) was born! Note: TAB includes "pre-phonics" lessons (aka: phonemic or sound awareness lessons).

The Alphabet & Pre-Phonics 



Den Publishing Company was founded in 2002 by Nicholas J DeCandia, CPA. He was working his way up the corporate accounting ladder, and into a widely-advertised position entitled, Full Charge Bookkeeper (FCB). He'd seen it advertised in both Orlando, Florida and Albuquerque, New Mexico. And, he had also recently attained that position having worked for a startup Waste Disposal Company in the late 90s. With so much going on in that position, A/P,  A/R, payroll, payroll taxes, financial statements etc, he wanted to put that book on his shelf. But it didn't exist. So, with writing ability intact, he decided to take a stab at it and self-publish - to boot!  It's actually been quite successful (reference: FCB testimonials).

Fast forward a few years to 2004: Nick's five-year-old daughter just entered kindergarten. As mentioned on the Home Page / Origin story - she wanted to learn to read, which became the birth of Den's reading program. A host of titles has followed, also doing well (ref.: Origin story & Testimonials on the Home Page). It started with my daughter's Kindergarten teacher wanted four copies for her classroom, and has progressed to adoptions by both the great state's of New Mexico and Utah.

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